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Welcome to the USA Photographer Directory. You can have a free listing on the USA Photographer Directory if, you live in the USA, and you are a photographer. If you provide services for photographers you can have a listing too. Your email address is your user name. If you want to change your listing, simply login with your email address and password. You can change your email and password when you are logged in. Please Note! To stop spammers, I review every new user before you are granted access. This means that it may be several days before I get to it, if I'm busy on other projects. Please be patient, this is a part time gig for me.

The mission of this website is to connect people looking for photography to photographers. For the website to work effectively, the information it provides visitors must be accurate and up to date.

To that end there are some rules!

  1. I WILL NOT sell or give away your personal information(like your e-mail address or physical address if you choose not to display it).
  2. Please check to see if you already have a listing before you try to create another! If you already have a listing, login, then go to Edit Listing, you can then edit your listing.
  3. I will not send weekly or monthly e-mails. I WILL email you every year or so to ask you to update your listing. If you do not update your listing, I may remove it!
  4. If you are not in the USA, don't bother submitting a listing. I will remove it.
  5. Be accurate about where you are and what you do, or you will waste people's time.
  6. If the name of your studio really is "Best New York Wedding Photographer", ok, (a little egotistical pehaps) but if it's not, don't use it for your studio name.
  7. Don't try to put in multiple listings!
  8. DON'T USE ALL CAPS, odd punctuation ;( !!! and no HTML tags in your listing.
  9. If you were silly enough to name your studio Zuider Zee Photography, it's going to be last in the list! Don't add characters to change the way that it is sorted, because I will remove your listing.
  10. Don't link to a web site under construction.
  11. Don't submit a link that is not to a photography site, or a photography service site. I will not approve it.
  12. Pornographic or web sites with adult content (excluding fine art) will not be listed.
  13. I reserve the right to remove any listing that I deem unsuitable for any reason.

Questions? Check the FAQ.

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